The Gold Package is our best package EVER! Cheapest rates you'll find anywhere, guaranteed!


The tailoured 12 week training programme and nutrition guide will be createdfully around your individual lifestyle, after a 60 minute consultation live with one of our coaches as well as online questions about lifestyle and experience to ensure a smooth 12 week transition. Meaning you can focus on putting the work into your workouts, not having to think about your plans. 


Additionally each client has access to weekly check in's via phone call, skype or email. Finally there will be a 6 week performance review to ensure you are on track half way through your programme.


With easy to follow, high level workouts the Gold Package is easy to use and incredibly rewarding.


> Full depth live consultations and reviews.

>Access all of the KOI coaching team and be paired up with the most appropriate for you.

>Hints, tips, advices and motivation along the way.

>12 week exercise training programme, tailoured to you and your sport.

>12 week nutrition plan.

>24 hours contact with high level coaches to help you every step of the way.

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    South West England, UK

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